We are a boutique pr and communications consultancy based in Hong Kong, with representation in China, Singapore and SouthEast Asia. Focused on strategic thinking for our client, we execute the best relevant solution for our clients to deliver branding, media and commercial results. Chance Communications specializes in travel and tourism, food and beverage, beauty and fashion, property and design, as well as luxury and lifestyle sectors.

In today’s world success involves building a brand that connects emotionally with the public in a way that aligns with its business plan. We’re passionate about helping you find your creative voice and building this presence . We leverage your unique strengths to choose the right approach for you, whether that be conventional or avant-garde, build strategic roadmaps that deliver results.


The Mills

Announced on the Nan Fung Group’s 60th anniversary in 2014, The Mills project turns the Group’s former textile mills into a new destination for innovation, business, experiential retail, arts, culture and learning.

We were appointed to manage media relations and develop ...

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Conservation of The State Theatre

New World Development announced on 8 October 2020 that it is launching a complete architectural conservation project for the culturally significant State Theatre. The 68-year-old Grade I historic site in North Point...


Ear Up Music

Ear Up Music is a music label that spotlights new music of Hong Kong to its neighbouring regions and beyond. The label, established by Renaissance Foundation Hong Kong in 2016, runs numerous projects from talent development...


The Pavilia Farm

In September 2020, New World Development and MTR Corporation Limited launched a revolutionary wellness experience at THE PAVALIA FARM by articulating its philosophy of “LIVE BEYOND WELL”. Located above the Tai Wai MTR Station which is one of the key terminal for Sha Tin to Central Link, THE PAVILIA FARM is an extraordinary urban manor...


Launch of AIRSIDE

In June 2020, Nan Fung Group announced its plan for AIRSIDE, a 1.9 million sq. ft mixed-use commercial development in the Kai Tak area. The flagship project, which set a record HK$24.6 billion land bid in 2017, comprises of a 47-storey mixed-used development...


2019 Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture

2019 Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture organised by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects Biennale Foundation (HKIABF) in association with The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), The Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) and Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA) as co-organisers and Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the lead sponsor...


Cinnabon Hong Kong Launch

Cinnabon®, the iconic bakery and purveyor of cinnamon rolls founded in Seattle in 1985, opens its first store in Hong Kong in February 2020 in Olympian City.


We created a comprehensive launch strategy for Cinnabon. In pre-launch period...


JcoNAT - Issue Management

JcoNAT is a Hong Kong home brand on hypochlorous acid (HOCL), a disinfectant agent that serves the local citizens with an aim to provide a simpler, safer and more natural substance that could kill/inactivate harmful viruses and bacteria. 

Chance Communications was on board to manage an issue communications from a public test result..


10A - High quality surgical mask

10A is a collaboration between three strong members: Luen Tai Holdings Limited (LTH), Dr. Tan Siu Lin Family Office and Newtech (NTX), an innovative textile company in China. The name 10A stands for the ability to bring to the market premium products of the best quality...

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In the ever-changing media world, we help you to connect the right and relevant media sectors for you that can bring your brand into the target audience. News, Business, Lifestyle, Cultural, be it online or offline, we will lead our clients into the best publicity opportunity.


We specialize in expert Marketing & Sales Promotion services. Our Marketing & Sales Promotion services will give your businesses that extra adrenaline shot it needs to get the ball rolling and take action with all creative aspects of any project, large or small scale. Count on our team to handle your Marketing & Sales Promotion project like pros. We are here to help you succeed.


We specialize in professional Communications Strategy & Planning services. We deliver impactful, sophisticated results to each and every one of our clients, making them stand out in the creative world. We are smart, we are fast, and we get the job done just how you envisioned. See how our services can truly benefit you today.


Social Media is an integral part of communications and we help our client to evaluate the best suitable medium that we should be engaging. We have fruitful relationships with bloggers and Key Opinion Leaders that could add value to our clients of different sectors.


Our Marketing services are best-in-class. The Marketing work we offer enables your business to grow and helps increase your exposure in your business vertical. We begin by working with you to define project goals that focus on reach, engagement, and conversion. We then map out a plan to achieve these goals. This is what we live for: merging creativity and technology in a way that brings your business more success than you ever thought was possible.


We specialize in expert Design services. Our Design services will give your businesses that extra adrenaline shot it needs to get the ball rolling and take action with all creative aspects of any project, large or small scale. Count on our team to handle your Design project like pros. We are here to help you succeed.


Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your brand forward. As a full-service Public Relations Firm, we know how to help you and your business grow and flourish. All you’ve got to do is call!

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