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Henderson Land ‘ARTLANE’

恒基港島西SOHO「藝里坊 ARTLANE」

Henderson Land, one of the leaders in urban renewal in Hong Kong, has launched ‘ARTLANE, an exciting new urban art project in Hong Kong Island Western SOHO District. The project is part of an ongoing programme by Henderson Land to revitalise urban areas by creating unique community art and culture projects in line with the Group’s philosophy of building communities with care. Henderson Land has invited 9 famous local and international artists to participate in the ‘ARTLANE’ project. Based on the theme of ‘Art & Music of SOHO’, the artists have created 13 murals (1st phase) on the walls of various old buildings in the district,

We are honoured to be the PR partner of ARTLANE and provided a series of media activities in Hong Kong to promote the new check-in spots and Henderson’s contribution to community to the lifestyle and arts & culture related media, as well as increasing public’s interest about the new hotspot. From tailoring media angels and brand messages, to media tour events and individual interviews for the artists and Henderson management.

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