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Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival


The “Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival” (the Arts Festival) is a three-year arts project organised by Tourism Commission, supported by Hong Kong Geopark and curated by One Bite Design Studio.  Chance Communications supported the first year of the Arts Festival which was held from 16 November 2022 to 15 January 2023. 

To leverage the successful integration of arts with the island under the first edition the Yim Tin Tsai Arts Festival, the new edition of the Arts Festival has extended to the vast Sai Kung Hoi, with Yim Tin Tsai as the centre and reaching out to Sharp Island, Kau Sai Chau and High Island. 

Through art, the Festival will allow visitors an opportunity to appreciate the rich natural resources and the long and deep history as well as culture of the four isles in Sai Kung Hoi.  Through the Arts Festival, themed as “Joy Again, Isle”, visitors would meet, connect, experience the healing power of arts and nature through visits to the isles; and enjoy the fun of art tour through island hopping.

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