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Launch of AIRSIDE

Nan Fung Group

In June 2020, Nan Fung Group announced its plan for AIRSIDE, a 1.9 million sq. ft mixed-use commercial development in the Kai Tak area. The flagship project, which set a record HK$24.6 billion land bid in 2017, comprises of a 47-storey mixed-used development building including a 32-storey Grade A office and a multi-storey retail complex with an interconnected underground shopping street. The total investment in the project will reach HKD$32 billion.

AIRSIDE embraces a new urban lifestyle concept of wholeness, inviting everyone and the community to gather at a place where you can be yourself and connect to others and nature. The development manifests Hong Kong’s contemporary urban metabolism through showcasing experiential retail and leisure spaces, whie its sky-high neighbourhood will be where businesses can set their sights on the surroundings and expand their horizons, make new networks and create changes.

The team was responsible for the launch of AIRSIDE ranging from the preparation of press materials, organising of media preview, crisis management to regional distribution services. In the media preview, over 10 major local media (property and business section) attended and experienced the ink art performance and tea ceremony which vividly showcasing the concept of wholeness. In addition, based on the idea of “A day in AIRSIDE”, we crafted a designated tea set for media that representing the unique experience in AIRSIDE. The launch of AIRSIDE was covered by major media including Apple Daily, HKET, HKEJ, Ming Pao and Now TV, etc.

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