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Celebrating 20 years of making a positive impact on mental health



The mental health charity founded by the Jardine Matheson Group in 2002 arranged a series of events to mark its 20th anniversary in 2022. These events engaged the local community in Hong Kong on mental health, helping to raise awareness of mental health issues more widely and support the delivery of MINDSET’s programmes and initiatives to more people.

MINDSET was founded by Jardine Matheson in 2002 and in the 20 years since, its scale and impact in the community have grown. Over that time, it has raised over HK$78 million through its major fundraising events, with total donations of over HK$107 million going to 33 different NGOs and charities to support 63 different projects. Through its charitable efforts, MINDSET has also enabled over 77,500 hours of volunteering and supported over 198,000 beneficiaries.

As part of the anniversary events, MINDSET has also expanded its inclusive employment initiative Mindbrew. This initiative provides persons-in-recovery with skills and training to become professional baristas, supporting their reintegration back into the community.

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