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The State Theatre

Conservation of The State Theatre

New World Development

On 8 October 2020, New World Development announced that it is launching a complete architectural conservation project for the culturally significant State Theatre, the 68-year-old Grade I historic site in North Point, first opened in 1952 and is currently the oldest movie palace in Hong Kong. Followed New World Development’s successful consolidation of its ownership, a meticulous conservation project by the company and a local and international team will soon be underway to revitalise its architecture, while also conserving the iconic, parabolic exoskeleton truss. With the focus of bringing back the architectural merits, artisanship and cinematic culture, the conservation project will include the revitalisation of the roof structure, while the cinematic functions will also be restored, turning State Theatre into a thriving cultural events venue once again.

In this project, Chance Communications supported the NWD team in crafting the cultural and community story for the acquisition of The State Theatre. Talk about the historical value of this location to the Hong Kong community and why should we preserve this place. Planning a future cultural hub brand for Hong Kong with in-depth story telling publicity.

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