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NWD Sustainability Forum 2020

Sustainability Forum 2020: Activating Change in a New World Order

Culture for Tomorrow (New World Development)

Culture for Tomorrow (CFT) presents​ “Sustainability Forum 2020: Activating Change in a New World Order”​ to convene business leaders to inspire and build knowledge capital on sustainable impact. Through cross-sector and cross-generational dialogues, CFT aims to inspire the world to radically rethink cities, redefine cultures and communities, and realign finance and technology for purpose.

The forum includes early access to Disruptive Matter, an art exhibition presented by KAF, and Carbon’s Casualties, a photography exhibition presented by K11 Art Foundation in collaboration with The New York Times. Through photography and art as alternative mediums of inspiration, the exhibitions captures the pressing realities of climate change, urging serious reflection and call-to-action on the need for a culture of sustainable living.

In line with the company’s SV2030 and contribution to a sustainable society, New World Development also presented the first Vertical Creative City concept in Island East – K11 ATELIER King’s Road. 

Chance Communications is responsible for PR support of the campaign.

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